From Kosovo to Germany – and firmly established at DB Cargo


From Kosovo to Germany – and firmly established at DB Cargo

Gazmore Berisha tells her success story.

DB Cargo and Gazmore: a success story that began 18 years ago and shows no sign of ending any time soon. Today, the 36-year-old from Frankfurt worksas a business analyst at IPS – and is the mother of two small children. How does this superwoman reconcile career and family? Let's start from the beginning.

How it all began: the stages along the journey

DB Cargo first appeared on Gazmore's radar during her search for a vocational training vacancy. "I wanted to work for a big company that was diverse and international." No sooner said than done. She secured a spot to train as an industrial management assistant, and quickly knew that she would not be turning her back on DB Cargo any time soon. The vocational training was followed by four years as a dispatcher in the production centre. But she could not and would not rest on her laurels:

"My goal was and still is to constantly develop, to work in different areas and always be open to new challenges."

So she took advantage of the many further training opportunities offered by DB Cargo. An international graduate trainee programme later and a distance learning course to become a state-certified business administrator, Gazmore rose to become a quality control officer. Within just one year, she was finally promoted to a research assistant in the Central Works Council. And she succeeds: first as a quality assurance officer, then as a research assistant in the Central Works Council and now as a business analyst at IPS (Programme: Integrated Planning and Control).


Family = end of the line?

And while pursuing her sparkling career at DB Cargo, she also started a family. Despite the pandemic and having two small children at home, this superwoman was able to pursue her profession full time. How did she do it? With the full support of her entire team. DB Cargo attaches great importance to employees being able to juggle their professional and private lives while keeping stress to a minimum. The company offers personalised solutions such as flexible working hours, part-time working or sabbaticals.

DB Cargo and diversity: equal opportunities for all

Gazmore's career is also the perfect example of the benefits diversity brings to the workplace. Shaped by her Kosovar heritage, she brings experience and problem-solving methods to the team that benefit everyone. While different points of view can of course sometimes cause friction, she believes they also lead to better results. Despite or perhaps because of the diverse backgrounds at DB Cargo, all employees share one basic attitude: everyone is respected.

"We drive freight for all – in German and many European societies."
Gazmore Berisha