Immerse yourself in the world of virtual rail freight transport


Immerse yourself in the world of virtual rail freight transport

DB Cargo showcases its innovative ingenuity on virtual Bahn360 railway experience platform.

How does a digital automatic coupling actually work? And what is a bi-mode locomotive? The new Bahn360 virtual railway experience allows you to experience the varied world of rail freight transport interactively.

DB Cargo wants to use the new platform to offer an insight into exciting topics related to rail freight transport and show why rail is so important for the environment and economy. Users are given exclusive insights into many areas of the freight sector in a virtual marshalling yard.

Welcome to DB Cargo's virtual marshalling yard! Laura, a DB employee, guides users around the yard and provides first-hand knowledge of rail freight transport.

Accessible discoveries from home

During a virtual tour, avatars answer users' questions. Visitors to the platform can also learn more about the work done by shunting locomotive drivers or wagon inspectors. They will also find a presentation of innovative equipment that will have a lasting impact on modern rail freight transport. 

Navigating your way through the virtual railway world, it is easy to forget that you are actually sitting in the comfort of your own home. That is one of the features that make the platform unique: never before has the world of rail been this close and accessible.