Rail Access gets even easier to use


Rail Access gets even easier to use

Relaunch further speeds up access to rail

Successful freight logistics requires an infrastructure that enables efficient switching between road and rail transport. Even companies without their own siding can transport goods throughout Europe using a combination of different modes of transport. DB Cargo has improved its Rail Access e-service so that companies can find the nearest rail network access point even faster.

Easy to find

In addition to the new look, which fits in with DB Cargo's modern design language, the search function in Rail Access has been simplified. Users now have a single search field in which they can enter the address or name of a freight terminal. The results are clearly displayed on the map, which users can also use to search directly.

Always up to date

Rail Access now offers an even better overview of the nearest railports, intermodal terminals, ports and public sidings. User feedback was also taken into account for the relaunch. The e-service is constantly updated to keep the site profile data up to date. Users can easily report missing or outdated data on a site, contact, storage area or piece of infrastructure. This information is then updated in Rail Access after a quick review. About 15 per cent of the data sets were adjusted in this way last year.

Flexible and adaptable

The new interface will also make it easier to adapt Rail Access to future user needs, making it an ideal platform that benefits both users and the environment. An intelligent combination of different modes of transport on rail, road and water enables the creation of efficient and environmentally sustainable supply chains. It also means that rail freight transport will be used even more often in the long term.

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