Vaccinations are good(s)

For it to work, everyone has to join in.

A veritable Who's Who of German businesses is urging everyone to get vaccinated, and we're part of it, too. The special thing about this campaign is that all 150 participating companies are using their well-known brand slogans to encourage vaccination.

Unique campaign: #ZusammengegenCorona (#TogetherAgainstCorona)

It's never happened like this before: 150 companies have joined forces to launch a joint vaccination campaign. Using the hashtag #ZusammengegenCorona (TogetherAgainstCorona), all of the brands involved are promoting the appeal with their own mottos. BILD newspaper is providing media support for the campaign. The launch was marked by a double-page spread with slogans in the BILD and B.Z. newspapers – additional slogans can be found at BILD.de. It goes without saying that DB Cargo is supporting this campaign and has modified its own slogan. Impfen ist güter (Vaccination is good) is therefore the motto for the next few days in the BILD newspaper and on all of DB Cargo's social media pages.

Come get vaccinated and find out

Douglas, for example, is advertising with Come impf and find out (Come get vaccinated and find out), Nespresso with Impfen? What else? (Vaccination? What else?) and the Volksbank with Wir impfen uns den Weg frei (We're vaccinating our way to freedom). The campaign was conceived by the Antoni advertising agency based in Berlin. The fantastic reaction to the campaign idea surprised the creators, with the list of participants reading like a Who's Who of German businesses. The creative minds behind the campaign are delighted to report that all the companies are laying their holiest of holies on the line – their slogans. 

It was important to all involved that the campaign should be understood as a call to action, coming across as good-natured and original while still highlighting the importance of vaccination (without wagging a finger at anybody). The campaign's initiators were not interested in sowing division or condemning anyone. Instead, they aimed to adopt a friendly tone towards all those who, for a wide variety of reasons, have not yet been vaccinated and to give them a nudge in a positive direction.