What the freight wagon of the future looks like

The innovative m2 concept focuses on multifunctional and modular freight wagons.

Developed by DB Cargo in tandem with VTG, these multifunctional, modular freight wagons are the result of a revolution in freight wagon design and deployment. By separating the transport container from the carrier wagon, we have created a truly innovative rail vehicle. This opens up a host of opportunities in terms of vehicle design, as the new carrier wagon is not just standardised but also modular. Removable and interchangeable layouts allow for multi-functionality.
Our video on m2 showcases the idea, the technology and its benefits for our customers, featuring Dr Holger Schmidt, Director of Technical Management for Wagons, Iris Hilb, Head of Customer Service/Wagon Management/IT Sales, Carolina Lasse, Vice President of Product Management for Single Wagon and Multimodal Solutions, Thomas Jäger, Senior Vice President of Assets & Technology/CTO, and Steffen Bobsien, Special Representative of the CEO for Strategic Investment and Innovation Projects – all from DB Cargo.

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Dr. Holger Schmidt

Director Technical Management Wagons and Project Manager m2, DB Cargo AG

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