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Glossary D-E

From D for diesel emissions to E for exchange traffic. Here you will find explanations of a further selection of technical terms.



diesel emissions

Emissions that arise from the burning of diesel fuel. These include for example NOx, HC, SO2, CO and  NMHC. Diesel emissions also include fine dust.

direct transport

Term referring to transport between a supply point and a point of reception without any change of carrier.


Dispersal of goods over an area in keeping with requirements
drop shipment

Procurement and distribution of products without the use of one's own warehouse facilities.


Electronic business dealings with public administrative offices, as well as non-public associations and organizations.


Electronic business dealings between companies, administrative offices and private households.


In the broadest possible sense, all business processes that are handled either wholly or in part by way of the internet. In a narrower sense, all electronically supported business transactions in which private sector companies or private end consumers are involved.


Consultancy and knowledge management (B2C and B2B).


Shared use of electronic resources, groupware systems etc. (B2B).

EcoTransIT Internet tool

Used by several European rail companies. Determines and compares the ecological balance of freight shipments using various different carriers.

ECR systems

Efficient Consumer Response Systems (here advance information about customer requirements controls the flow of goods).

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Cross-corporate documenting system which guarantees the automated (i.e. EDP-based) exchange of commercial data between business partners.


Offer of IT-supported all-round solutions by logistics service providers for online dealers. The service provided may be more or less extensive, ranging from the conception and realization of a website to the complete management of internet orders (including the management of payment procedures, warehousing, shipment and delivery of goods). It may also include after-sales services such as waste disposal (e.g. through a logistics service provider) and the management of customer complaints.


Electronic information and knowledge management systems (B2C and B2B).


Electronically supported control and coordination of flows of goods and data.


Electronic transfer of messages with the aim of improved speed and cost reductions based on efficient means of communication (B2C and B2B).

end to end solutions

These ensure a seamless supply of information all the way along the value creation chain.

Environmental Mobility Check

Internet tool developed by Deutsche Bahn, making it possible to compare the emissions resulting from rail and truck transport over selected routes.


Electronically supported procurement (B2B).

ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning system (a merchandise management system).


Internet retailer, or online supplier restricted to the sale of goods to private end customers.


Short for rail transport company (Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen), i.e. a company organized under public or private law which supplies rail-based transport services for the carriage of passengers or goods.

exchange traffic

Term referring to traffic between two regions - e.g. cross-border transport between France and Germany.