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Review and outlook

At the 2018 Chemicals and Mineral Oil Industry Congress, DB Cargo BTT showed which topics it is currently working on, for and with the customers.

Where is DB Cargo BTT at and where is it going?Not everything is going according to plan at the moment, but we're on the right track – at the 2018 Chemicals and Mineral Oil Industry Congress the approximately100 invited guests, customers and partners of DB Cargo BTT were particularly impressed by the transparency with which the specialist for chemicals and mineral oil transportation communicates. And by the fact that it is already working on solutions. The focus was on specific approaches, ideas and measures that are already being implemented today: investment in personnel and materials, holistic corridor solutions for Europe and the Excellence Initiatives for optimising its service. In exciting keynote speeches, experts from DB Cargo and external specialists passed on their knowledge to the guests and subsequently faced questions, some of them critical ones, from the participants regarding production quality.

Investments in quality

Moving onwards and upwards away from the downward trend that began with the world economic crisis in 2008 to 2009 has cost us a lot of effort. The fall in prices that attracted additional traffic to rail, but at the same time made necessary investment in staff and materials more difficult, is now causing bottlenecks in the entire sector. In order to face up to this trend, DB Cargo is investing an additional one billion euros in quality and capacity expansion between 2017 and 2022. This means specifically: in multi-system locomotives, in new freight wagons, in the redesigning of modular freight wagons and the installing of GPS, in DB Cargo's "tracking offensive" for more train drivers, shunters, wagon inspectors, skilled maintenance workers and in the topics of digitalisation and automation.

Speed workshopping

Short 30-minute workshops, then a quick change to the next one – what sounds a bit like speed dating both encouraged and required an exchange of ideas among chemical industry participants, stimulated by the previous expert talks. Independent ideas, experiences and requests were the order of the day on topics such as IT & Process Management, intermodal transport services or Chem RailNet. What qualities must the industry-specific Chem RailNet network have in order to meet the demands of the chemical industry? Or what does the "Desired KPIs" report look like, for example. In other words, what data is relevant and at what pace should information be provided? The question also occupied the chemical industry participants, who had intensive discussions in their own workshops on the industry's production requirements and entered into a direct direct dialogue with DB Cargo BTT.. The objective of the workshops was clearly stated: to identify needs and requirements, in order to provide customers with the best possible product and to eliminate weaknesses. "We aim to be a good service provider, and we're not just saying that either. It goes against our professional honour when things go wrong", concluded Jens Nöldner, CEO of DB Cargo BTT, to the guests and this met with widespread approval – from both customers and colleagues.