Fast delivery: Transa brings precast concrete parts from the Czech Republic to the UK


Fast delivery: Transa brings precast concrete parts from the Czech Republic to the UK

Construction company GOLDBECK International relies on RailRoCargo logistics solution.

For many years, construction company GOLDBECK International, based in Bielefeld, Germany, has put its trust in the expertise of DB Cargo Transa FLS to transport precast concrete slabs for multi-storey car parks. Just this autumn, 120 flat rack containers on open Res wagons were delivered by rail from Skovice (Vrdy) in the Czech Republic to the German port of Cuxhaven, where they were transferred to MAFI roll trailers and transported to Immingham by ro-ro ships. There the flat rack containers are unloaded from the MAFIs and briefly stored ready for the slabs to be delivered safely and just-in-time to their intended construction site by lorry. Transa coordinates and oversees the entire supply chain on the route of over 1,500 kilometres by rail and sea between the Czech Republic and England.

Like many other customers, GOLDBECK opted for Transa's proven RailRoCargo product, a complete logistics solution specially tailored to UK transports. 

Just what is RailRoCargo?

Transa's RailRoCargo product is a particularly clever way to link modes of transport, such as train and ship, to the UK. Transa has a large network of transhipment terminals and strong partners to ensure safe and timely delivery. From dangerous goods to special transports, RailRoCargo is a convenient option on all transport routes to the UK as it is perfectly tailored to customers' individual needs. 

Teamwork: logistics specialists working hand in hand

As partners, Transa, Rhenus Cuxport and DFDS form the logistical backbone for single wagonload transport to England for GOLDBECK. The organisation and oversight of such multimodal transport concepts are exactly where Transa, a DB Cargo subsidiary, can play out its strengths. But what stations do the goods have to pass through on their long journey? And what steps are necessary for perfect transhipment?

Precast concrete components go to England for the customer GOLDBECK International: DB Cargo Transa FLS makes it possible.

From Skovice (Vrdy), the goods are transported by rail via Decin and Bad Schandau to Cuxhaven. There the flat rack containers are unloaded from the wagons by the port operator, Rhenus Cuxport, and transferred to MAFIs. A terminal tractor hooks the MAFIs and lifts them onto the ship, where they are secured for the crossing to England. The flat rack containers are briefly stored in Immingham, where they wait to be transported to the construction site by lorry. Finally, the empty flat rack containers are returned by ship, rail and lorry to GOLDBECK's Czech plant. There they can be loaded again for another trip to England. 

Just what is ro-ro?

In logistics, ro-ro is the abbreviation for roll-on/roll-off. This means that unaccompanied goods are loaded onto a ship on roll trailers and start their journey by sea without lorry drivers. Once it arrives at the seaport, the cargo is transhipped or temporarily stored. Only in the next step is it transported to its destination by lorry or some other mode of transport.

RailRoCargo guarantees time savings and reliable delivery 

Business Development Manager Kay-Uwe Müller-Gericke, who is responsible for marketing and development of Transa's RailRoCargo product, sums up the partnership with GOLDBECK favourably: "Once again, together we've been able to convince our long-standing customer of the idea and the advantages of unaccompanied transport by rail and sea. In addition to timely delivery to the construction site, reliability also played a key role in the choice of logistics concept. We expect to continue transport to Immingham for GOLDBECK in 2023." 

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Kay-Uwe Müller-Gericke

Business Development Manager Transa Speditions GmbH