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Corporate social responsibility

DB combines core business with commitment to corporate social responsibility

DB has been involved in social projects in Germany and around the world for years. As a multinational mobility and logistics company and one of Germany's largest employers and providers of training, it feels a particular responsibility for the development of society as a whole and puts this responsibility to practice. Based on the conviction that success is measured not only in financial terms, DB uses its capabilities to live up to this responsibility. It places special emphasis on children and young people in particular.

DB’s corporate social responsibility activities focus on areas where its competences can make a positive, noticeable difference. With this in mind, the Group is involved in:

Education and culture

As one of Germany’s largest employers, DB fulfills its special responsibility in this field. DB uses its competence in this area as part of “Chance Plus” program to prepare young people for vocational training.

Integration and social work

DB employs some 300,000 people, more than a third of whom work outside of Germany. This is just one reason why DB believes that combating discrimination and violence is just as important as fostering a culture of tolerance and respect. DB trainees have taken a clear stance against xenophobia, right-wing extremism, racism and discrimination through the "Deutsche Bahn Trainees against Hatred and Violence" project, which promotes a culture of tolerance and respect.

Climate protection and conservation

As an international provider of mobility and logistics services and one of Germany's largest employers, the DB Group has a special responsibility to its customers, employees, society and the environment. On its mission to become an eco-pioneer, it has committed itself to many areas through a wide range of measures.

Humanitarian aid

As a global logistics provider, DB transports relief aid to crisis-hit areas around the world, helping to provide acute humanitarian aid and to rebuild areas affected by disasters. 

The euroTRAIL trainees of DB Cargo’s pan-European trainee program organize a “Charity Day” during the last six months of their 18-months-program. In small groups they plan a charity project by themselves and can thus demonstrate their dedication and the project management skills they have acquired.

The various ideas include social as well as ecological aspects. Activities throughout Europe ranged from practical support in children’s homes to support of a reforestation program or collecting rubbish.

The “Charity Day” aims to raise the trainees’ awareness for social engagement and teambuilding processes.