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Europe at our fingertips, our customers in the spotlight

In the Operations Center (OC) DB Cargo AG controls over 4,500 freight trains in 15 countries 24/7.

Since the start of 2014, roughly 180 dispatchers from the European Operations Center (OC) have directed Europe’s largest rail freight traffic network. They ensure that our customers’ freight reaches its destination as agreed. Our railway workers of different nationalities keep an eye on all important European corridors around the clock.

In the OC we amalgamate the interests of the respective national companies to enable us to fulfil customer requirements. As Europe’s largest freight railway we are therefore an important component of DB Cargo.

Our customers have a presence throughout Europe and want traffic from a single provider, with one contact person and uniform quality. Our European set-up and our network are the basis for this.

Managing unforeseen events is predominantly the focus here. In this case, the OC performs the following tasks:

  • Consideration of industry-specific requirements in developing contingency plans
  • Optimum utilisation of our resources
  • Best possible notification of our customers regarding delays and the coordination of alternatives