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At DB Cargo sustainability is a firmly established concept across all areas

We harmonise environmental protection, economic and social responsibility. Customer satisfaction and sustainable success are the focus here.

Our responsibility for environmental protection includes climate protection, noise reduction and the sparing use of resources. As a profitable market leader with satisfied customers, our quality can have a sustainable effect. As a top employer, we take social responsibility for our qualified and motivated employees.

There is detailed information on the Deutsche Bahn website about how we embed our sustainability requirements in the company as a DB2020+ strategy from a strategic and organisational perspective. A brief introduction to the three pillars of our sustainability strategy is set out below.

CO2 emissions have already been reduced by over 60% on German rails since 1990. A further 30% will be attained by 2020 across the group for all traffic.

Furthermore, rail traffic noise will be halved by 2020 thanks to noise barriers and conversion to whisper brakes.

To ensure that our efforts are successful, we work with an environmental management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001. 

More about environmental protection on the DB Group website.  

We are offering our customers first-class logistics solutions as a profitable market leader. This consistent focus on the customer, quality and safety are the crucial strategic areas for maintaining this position.

For example, you benefit from our extensive experience in conveying hazardous freight. Furthermore, we possess state-of-the-art surveillance technology to provide protection from unauthorised access to the freight. We carry out regular quality assurance procedures with certificates in areas such as safety, fire prevention and quality management.

More about Economy on the DB Group website. 

Traditionally, DB has been active in social development via the DB Foundation, predominantly for children and the environment.

Our social responsibility as an employer focuses on DB2020+ strategy. As a top employer, we want to be one of Germany’s best 10 employers. Our social responsibility measures include investing in targeted employee recruitment and relying on employee loyalty by high levels of satisfaction.

More on Social Responsibility on the DB Group website.