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Disposal transport, individual to the customer and intermodal

DB Cargo AG launched the branch product DBdisposal-solution and successfully established it in Europe in 2005.

According to customer desires, DBdisposal-solution includes complete logistical solutions, including an industry-specific transport and disposal concept or also solely disposal transportation, including support from the branch team. DB Cargo AG is a reliable partner for all issues relating to disposal as a certified expert disposal company for arranging disposal transport and services.

Disposal transport is part of the basic offer of DBdisposal-solution and is arranged on an individual customer and intermodal basis. Thus, both block train / single wagon products or services in DB Cargo AG combined traffic and lorries or inland vessels can be used for transport.

Possible components of transport are pre-, main-, and post-carriage, transhipment/loading and unloading and wagon cleaning and load securing and intermodal management and monitoring of the entire transport chain.

Ongoing care of the DBdisposal-solution transport by our disposal competence centre is included in the basic product, on request also around the clock.
However, the employees in the industrial sales department start providing our service during the conception phase of individual solutions. All team members are regularly trained according to statutory requirements.

We create recovery and disposal concepts for certain types of waste (e.g. tunnel excavation) and develop complete offers, including all additional services, from a single provider: Starting with construction site logistics, from pre-carriage via main carriage to recovery / disposal in approved facilities.

You can round off your logistics package with these service components:

  • "Weighing" enables verification of the quantity specified by the waste generator and provides certainty for both sides.
  • The "second testing" component is especially interesting for companies from the ground excavation sector and is performed to verify possible ground contamination.
  • The arrangement of waste disposal can also be additionally purchased as a service component. The selection of the disposal type depends on the nature of the waste and the relevant specifications for recovery or disposal.