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Your contribution to climate protection

DBeco plus only uses renewable energy for your transport.

For customers who opt for the DBeco plus product, the required volume of traction current is obtained completely from renewable energy sources.

The electricity consumption of a transport service depends on the route to be taken and the goods to be transported. An individual quotation is made based on these factors and from which the CO2 saving is calculated. Our energy provider obtains the required volume of renewable energy and feeds it into the traction current network. The conventional traction current mix is reduced by the same volume.

In addition to directly preventing air pollutants that are detrimental to the climate, such as carbon dioxide, the use of DBeco plus sustainably boosts renewable energy sources in Germany. Ten per cent of the proceeds from DBeco are assigned as a new facility bonus to enhance facilities for the generation of renewable energy. Through such partnerships, Deutsche Bahn and the customer make a dual contribution to climate protection, by increasing the demand for green electricity and promoting innovative technologies.

TÜV SÜD verifies the calculation of required energy volumes using EcoTransIT World, electricity generation, the feeding in of energy and the invoicing of the new facility bonus. Every year, DB Cargo AG customers receive individual certification which confirms the CO2 savings made.

As a special quality criterion, DB Cargo AG provides compensation for all DBeco plus customers' emissions, even those indirect ones associated with the product. These are emissions that occur in the construction and operation of renewable energy production facilities (e.g. hydroelectric power stations). Compensation is granted according to the CDM Gold Standard via the climate protection organisation atmosfair.

The DBeco plus offer can also be booked on all Austrian connections. This makes the cross-border traffic between Germany and Austria the first in Europe to be CO2-free. The objective is to extend the offer to further countries. Customers currently have the option of compensating for the CO2 emissions caused outside of Germany and Austria in combination with the DBeco neutral product.